Phone And ADSL

Phone & ADSL even though business communications are incorporating wireless technologies massively, the copper wire in Voice Data Cabling still remains the fundamental component of all communication and data exchange, this Digital Phone reqires 1 pair of copper wires. Telephone Company One has the ability and the expertise to handle copper Telephone Voice & Data cabling for your organization. We have stood out in the market as the premier cabling company and have evolved our knowledge and practice over the years.

Being an ACMA accredited company, we offer the most effective cabling solutions in the short and long run, both quality and cost wise. Properly installed Cabling is the backbone of all computers and phones,  quality cabling techniques make for fault free connections & the ability  to plug and play. Faults can occur we can get across these and get you going again very promptly so your down time is limited.

Our technicians have adequate knowledge to implement and encompass any factors to find and use the best cabling method for your enterprise. Not only do our cabling techniques offer robust solutions, but they also ensure they benefit your organization as well.

Telephone Company One will ensure your organization remains connected with our effective inter device cabling system. For more information, call us now we are ready to answer all your questions.