NBN Install

MDF Jumpering, Internode & NBN we are authorised Data Cablers on Both the NBN {Australian Registered Cablers} and Internode websites allowing us to connect and fault find on these services, NBN Data Cabling & Installation Telephone Company One offers superior & upgraded Data cabling for the NBN (National Broadband Network) Voice & internet connections over the traditional ADSL cable networks in 2 states in Adelaide SA and QLD on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane for Business,Residential, for all commercial needs. The NBN gives greater bandwidth for internet connections and fantastic for IP Phones.Often we are called upon to reconnect services within the Office or Home, if you experience any problems just call!

We have had an Open license since 1988, registered with the ACMA as qualified providers for connecting of the NBN digital network for all home/office telecommunication installations past the Telstra network boundary point,we are here to get you up to speed.

For an NBN connection, the most common methods in which NBN networks can be installed to your respective home or office space are Fibre-To-The-Home(FTTP) and Fibre-To-The-Node(FTTN). Also available HFC, wireless & Sat suitable in various areas of the country or when no Nodes available .

For FTTP, once the NBN co-contractors have installed the fiber cable and/or the NBN NTD to your premises, then you will able to connect to the NBN Via a gateway and sometimes an IAD for additional phone lines, which will sometimes need to be reconnected into your existing home phone points, Telephone System and any fixed Data Network ports . 

If you’re identified to be in a FTTN area, all you’re required to do is upgrade your plan or old ADSL modem to an NBN compliant one, and then give us a call to make sure you have service where you require it. 

Speeds of an NBN connection are nominally 25 Mbps down and approx 5 Mbps up,there are 5 plans to choose from including speed of 100 Mbps down, speeds will vary on the plan you purchase and contention. There are 30,000 Nodes being installed each with approx 200 channels and you will find a node is probably no more than about 800m from your home so the exchange is basically being moved closer to your home or office, providing much faster speed than the old Adsl exchange which could be 3000m or more away.