IP Phone Systems

Small business or home office enviroment both require a suitable communication network for Voice or Data and NBN connections, we at Telephone Company One offer the best structured solution for your communication needs comms cabinets & patch panels for traditional Voice or  VoIP handset's  I.P Telephony PBX's, which can bevery cost effective, nearly cutting  call costs/ line rentals in half.

A voice over IP phone has the ability to transmit voice over the internet, making it the most suitable communication system for any organization. It is fast, reliable, with Big Savings. Our professional technicians will assist you to implement our VOIP phone solution in your organization,so you can see the change it brings for yourself.

Telephone Company One can provide A total end-to-end VOIP phone system solutions which will include designing the system, implementation and installation, as well as maintenance after successful application of the system. The IP phone will be defined on the basis of your internet bandwidth, maybe you won't need to upgrade your internet system, other times Business Grade Adsl or NBN connections are available for faster speeds.

Every organization is different and we understand that. To accommodate the vast differences in our clients, our solutions are unique for each of your requirements, and a similar quote is generated which fits your budget perfectly. Call us now and let us know what you need at Telephone Company One.